Secret Knit

Secret Knit

My wife is an avid knitter!

When she takes an interest in something, she will see just how far she can take it. So, when she started getting interested in knitting, she signed up for the Master Hand Knitting program ( to become certified.

As part of her studies, she has to review knitting books, and one of the books she came across was Magic Motifs – knitting with a secret message by Carla Meijsen.

As she then starts getting out the squared paper and pencils to create her charts, I make the first techie error…. “I could knock up a program to do that for you”, I say. And so a Python script is created. As Python scripts go, it was great. It had a really nice argparse interface that gave constructive help if one failed to provide the correct arguments on the command line.

I was then told that opening a shell, typing a load of obscure commands and having the resulting chart displayed with a load of hashes was not ‘User Friendly’.

I then made the second techie error… “What do you want, an app?”.

“Yes” was the response.

So here it is. SecretKnit. The App that will encode a word or numbers into a knitting chart.

Download it from the App store….